A Pendant Jute Lamp Brings Beach Chic to the Dining Room

pendant jute lamp

The jute twine that encases this pendant lamp brings breezy beach-like chic to the dining room. It’s not just an attractive accessory, but a functional decoration that provides ambient lighting for the space. The woven fibers also sift through the bulb to diffuse light, creating bright and even illumination. It’s available at Crate & Barrel for $189.

The pendant’s tassel adds a touch of texture to the space, while the brown jute lends a natural element that complements the pendant’s neutral frame. Decorative beads and a cork finial adorn the top of the fixture, bringing a layered look to the home.

A repurposed frame provides the ideal base for a simple pendant light. The resulting faux-chandelier’s style could range from industrial to modern to shabby chic, depending on the frame and lights chosen. The bulbs should be rated for outdoor use, as they are exposed to the elements and can be vulnerable to humidity.

To avoid shortening a bulb’s life, it’s important to keep the wattage below the fixture’s maximum (see the label). This burnished-copper pendant with blown glass shades can hold up to five bulbs for plenty of illumination.

While it may seem counterintuitive, a pendant light should not be hung directly over a table. The shadow that falls across a person’s face is unflattering and can prevent the diner from seeing his or her food. For optimal visual balance, a pendant should be mounted 30 to 36 inches above the kitchen-island prep zone or work area.

When a pendant light has an exposed cord, the best way to disguise it is by masking a section with a fabric like this. The jute ribbon adds a rustic look to the space, but it can also hide an unsightly wire.

Jute is an environmentally friendly material because it is cultivated from an annual plant, rather than felled from the ground and then burned to create energy. Its production involves a zero-waste cycle, where the entire plant is used and the remaining waste enriches local soil.

A simple bulb hanging from an exposed cord looks sleek and modern, but sometimes you want to spruce it up a bit. A few oversize wooden beads can be strung onto the cord to dress it up and hide the ugly wiring.

This pendant lamp combines minimalism with South Asian bohemian design, with a strand of jute twine loosely wrapping the glass beads that form the shade. The jute is complemented with a simple brass chain for a polished finish.

If you’re a homeowner with a little DIY experience, you can easily rig up an Edison-bulb pendant on your own using a thrifted vintage barn pulley. To avoid electrical shock, make sure the pendant’s wattage is below its maximum capacity and that the ceiling supports it. If a pendant’s weight exceeds 200 pounds, a brace that spans the gap between the joists should be installed for safety. Otherwise, hire an electrician to hang the light for you.

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