Choosing a Floor Lamp and Table Combination

lavilighting Floor lamps are a fantastic way to add a lot of light to an area and can be a focal point for the space. With so many different styles, finishes and types of shade on offer the possibilities are endless when choosing a floor lamp and table combination to complement your scheme.

A great tip to remember when picking a combination of table and floor lamps is to ensure that the heights match. Ideally you want the lamp to reach to around eye level when standing by it. This will prevent the lamp from casting an uncomfortable glare over your head and also ensure that the lighting is bright enough for reading or other tasks.

When choosing a lamp and table combination, you should also consider the overall style of your room. You can find traditional table and floor lamp designs to suit a range of décor from classic bronze or polished nickel lamps from the likes of George Kovacs to wrought iron options from Hubbardton Forge. Contemporary rooms can also benefit from the streamlined designs and sleek silhouettes of contemporary floor lamps that can be found in the likes of Robert Abbey or Artemide.

The shape of a lamp shade can make a huge difference too. For example, a floor lamp with a bell or empire shade tends to have wider openings at the bottom to help spread the light further out. These larger shades can work well on a large table to keep it looking proportional, while a smaller swan or drum shaped lampshade can look more petite on a smaller table.

Another thing to consider is the material the base and lamp shade are made from. Generally speaking brushed metal and wood blend well with most styles of decor and can be used with both modern and traditional tables and chairs. You can also opt for a combination of materials, using a wooden base with a metallic swan for example.

A common mistake people make with their lamp and table combination is to pick the wrong size lamp for the table. Putting a large visually heavy lamp on a small table will look odd and out of proportion. This is something that is easy to avoid if you take some time to think about the style of your table and lamp together before buying.

The next tip is to choose the right type of table for your lamp and vice versa. For example, a wooden table can be paired with a trough-shaped or woven basket style floor lamp to create a modern look that’s still warm and inviting. If you opt for a glass or metal table, it’s important that the materials don’t clash and cause the space to look unfinished or untidy. This can be avoided by selecting tables with a neutral finish, or even better, by matching the metal of your lamp to the metal of the table. By following these simple tips, you can find the perfect combination of table and floor lamp to compliment your home.

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